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Get Assistance to Register Overseas Company for Local and Non-Citizen

Stable Markets

You need a stable market and environment and of course a stable pollitical system to grow. Its time to be global without Leaving your Home Country.

Stable Currency

Do business in a stable financial system and Solid Currency without any fear and have a Bank Account in that currency.

Access to New Markets

Direct access to the markets of many millions of potential consumers for your products and services.


We do not ignore you and always take care of your business as a real partner before, and after the formation in order to keep the smooth running of your business operations.

Business Plan

We outline your idea on a paper in terms of projecions and possible pitfalls of your decision based on perfect market research and recommend a solid roadmap towards the achievement of the goals.

Company Formation

We offer tech-based solutions of choice for your company formation in over 4 markets spanned across continents. With a full range of supporting corporate services, we can help you easily establish and manage your company during your operation.

Bank Account Opening

We offer bank account introduction in offshore jurisdictions as well as financial hubs in Asia where your money can be safe and ready for global trading without currency control. A wide banking network and a healthy long-term relationship with international and offshore banks allow us to better serve customers with various objectives.

Corporate Secretary

Once a company is set up, needs to keep the company in compliance with its local regulations and filing mandatory reports is critical. Failure to do all this, can leave the company vulnerable to fines and possibly even lose its legal status. To help avoid such situation, we offer our company secretarial services.

Accounting & Auditing

We’re interested in keeping your resources low and your numbers high. Get back precious time and resources for your business with our cost-effective accounting and regulatory compliance services.

About Us

Biz Services Co. was established in 2011 with a mission to help startups and SMEs to free their resources tied up to intimidating company administration tasks, and thus speed up the process of setting up and running a business, unleash their potential power for growth and expansion.

Our services are specialized in company formation, banking assistance, accounting & auditing, legal administration and much more in 4 countries across the globe. Our proven IT strategy with usage of technology advancement along with long-term sustainable relationships in the industry allow us to deliver services at scale with minimum costs. Wherever you want to initialize your business, Biz Services Co. can help to accelerate the process in a reliable and successful manner.

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Our Partners

Join our expanding network of inter-industry professionals in business solutions and gain a competitive edge.

Our Worldwide Supported Countries

Set up your business in over +4 countries and receive consultations from our local experts.


Our clients talked about us

Siddhant Choyal My #1 recommendation for company registrations

They will guide you through everything and reply almost instantly 100% of the times. If you're looking got a UK LTD company, Biz Services Co. would be my #1 recommendation. They do above and beyond, it was an absolute breeze working with them.

Georgi Karov Lightning fast and precise service!

In my nearly a quarter of century practice, I can hardly name other than Biz Services Co. corporate services company with such an instant and straight-to-the-point response with so solid grasp on the needs of the client.

Suraj Best Service !

I had the pleasure of dealing with Sofia to incorporate my company, the staff at Biz Services Co. are professional, knowledgable and cost-effective! best service, best price and extremely competent. Would recommend it again !

Hasitha Dissanayake Thanks to Sofia and the team for their…

Thanks to Sofia and the team for their professionalism and responsiveness to assist us in our company formation and bank account opening, can recommend them to anyone.

Michael Stoeckle Great job is done by Biz Services Co.

The team from Biz Services Co. was very fast in responding; I had an active and fruitful dialogue while the company was set up: The new venture was fully operational in less than a week which is great.

Jeremy Very good company

Very good company. You can trust them. Frankly, this is the first time I have had to deal with a competent accountant. It changes greatly from UK. I had lost hope that a competent accountant existed in this world. Biz Services Co. gave me hope

Frank Duffy I found Biz Services Co. very easy to deal with…

I found Biz Services Co. very easy to deal with, they explained everything in detail from the beginning and answered any queries I had very quickly. They were efficient, pleasant to work with & I would have no problem recommending them to anyone.

Andrii Ch Highly professional and responsive experts

Biz Services Co. is one of a kind international legal consultant and advisor of the highest caliber. I especially recommend working with Sofia, who is a first-class legal specialist.

Colin C Helpful and have a human touch

At first I thought they are a cheap online consultants with just okay service, but every time they answered and solved my questions professionally. They are always helpful and have a human touch.

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